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Your generous gift will allow us to continually increase our efforts and the number of lives we touch. With this donation, we are able to provide resources, education, and joy to numberless individuals. By uplifting even one soul, you can touch a hundred more. Change begins right here, and change begins with you. 

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 We are always looking to expand our associations. We have a need for individuals who can provide college planning services, emotional counseling, career & life counseling, etc. In addition, if you would like to be a part of our educational efforts and have a specific area in which you excel and would like to share your knowledge with others, we would like to hear from you! Volunteers make the world a better place! 

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Tax Advantages for Donors

Hope Legacy is a nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible  

Hope Legacy sponsors a Pooled Income Fund which allows large donors to receive an income stream for life as well as tax deduction.   

Hope Legacy sponsors a Donor Advised Fund which allows you to receive a tax deduction upfront for your contributions. Over time, your donations to be directed to the charities of your choice with only a small portion retained by Hope Legacy Foundation.