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Who We Are


As a public 501(C)3 non profit charity, Hope Legacy Foundation provides resources to individuals who desire to become self-reliant, achieve their goals, and find their passions. We host workshops and provide mentorship that teach individuals how to understand and manage their personal financial picture, set and obtain educational and career goals, and to find motivation and inspiration to become contributing members of society.

Who We Support


Our services reach a variety of people including but not limited to:

• Single parents 

• Foster children "aging out"

• Low income High School and College students who need extra guidance as they move towards independence. 

• Young adults striving to reach greater success in their chosen fields, including the performing arts.

• Members of our armed forces who have sacrificed for our country and need encouragement and support as they recover and transition into civilian life.

• And more... 

How We Help



Career Development

Life Skill Enrichment

Personal Finance



Motivational Speakers

Scholarships/ Awards


Vows For Vets:

Free Wedding For Our Military Heroes


Learn more about the Vows for Vets program


President | Founder | Chairman of the Board



Brian D. Gibbs has spent more than thirty-eight years helping families discover, define and achieve their true financial objectives. He is the founder of the Hope Legacy Foundation. Inspired by the old proverb, "Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime." Brian believes that education is the foundation of a successful future. In addition to pioneering this endeavor, Brian also volunteers his time with a young single adult group ages 18 to 30. He has a passion for encouraging and uplifting these individuals.

Secretary | Treasurer | Board Member



Amanda McLean graduated first in her class from Alliant School of Management with a degree in Business and Integrated Marketing Communications. She works with her father in his company and eagerly accepted the opportunity to participate in this endeavor. Volunteering is a passion and she has recently begun mentoring young women ages 12 to 18 as they learn to navigate the world as independent and strong individuals.

Board of Directors


James D. Pennock


James D. Pennock has spent the past 25 years as an Insurance Broker, helping connect individuals and families to home, vehicle, property, and casualty insurance plans to suit their changing needs. He volunteers in a ministerial capacity for his congregation and sees to the needs of the down trodden and less fortunate.


D. Clayton Evans


D. Clayton Evans applies his Bachelors in Design Engineering Technology and Masters in Technology Management to develop and test new and innovative concepts to be used in future product lines for Cobra Golf. He volunteers as a ministerial leader for a congregation in San Marcos, CA. He connects burdened people to the resources they need to help uplift them from their current state.


Mark C. Morris


Mark has served individuals as a Tax Attorney and CPA since 1985. He has a Master's in Taxation and is a renowned authority on Tax Law. His expertise encompasses estate and tax planning for high net-worth individuals and companies. He served for 8 years as a leader of a religious congregation. During that time, several members of his congregation lost their homes during the wildfires. Mark coordinated efforts to help these families find housing and gather supplies for daily living. He continues to serve in various capacities and readily accepted the position to work with the Hope Legacy Foundation.